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Fishing Ganaraska River (Ganny)
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Fishing Ganaraska River (Ganny)


Man holding large salmon on the Ganaraska RiverThe Ganaraska River is arguably the best trout stream in Ontario. This is very evident from the numerous amounts fishing reports. The Ganny, as locals call it, runs through historic Port Hope and has easy access to the 401 highway. The river is famous for its mindboggling spring steelhead run and the annual fall migration of salmon.

The last weekend in April, the Ganaraska steelhead opens with many anglers lining the banks of the river for their chance to catch one of these magnificent fish.  Fish run up river, so head north to one of the conservation areasRainbow Trout (Steelhead) Ganaraska River

Each year as fall arrives the salmon begin their annual spawning run up the Ganaraska River. This provides a great opportunity to view these resilient fish as they migrate past the Ganaraska River Fishway, better known as the fish ladder. Constructed to help fish get past Corbett's Dam; watch as these majestic fish jump the ladder to spawn. Mixed in the fall run, you may also see silvery coho salmon and migratory brown trout in their vivid spawning colours.

Resident Brown Trout/Ganaraska RiverDuring summer month's smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, perch, catfish, carp, and freshwater drum (sheephead) make their way into the mouth of the river and the harbour. Shore fishing the mouth of the Ganaraska is open all year from the C.N.R (Canadian National Railway) bridge south to Lake Ontario. Try to hook onto a steelhead (rainbow trout) during the winter months!

If you prefer fly fishing, this majestic river offers one of the province's best opportunities, as it is one of Ontario's great steelhead streams. The upper part of the river runs through rich farmlands and the lower part through the town of Port Hope. Fly anglers boast's the beauty of the migratory brown trout they catch in the river, and also the size of the steelhead and salmon.

Please remember to fish responsibly and have fun!

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